I’m Matt Sichterman.
I live in Cincinnati, OH, where I develop thriving digital experiences.

Ever since I was young, I've woken up excited about two things: sports and technology. Sports have been a mainstay in my life for as long as I can remember. Sports have taken me all across the country, and have allowed me to experience great places, cities, and competitions. Most of all, sports have connected me with incredible teammates, leaders, and people. Technology has found its way into my life in other ways, feeding my hunger to learn and create.

"Pick something hard and be the best at it", is a quote from my dad who has always encouraged me to work hard and dream big. Early on, that meant disassembling computers, dabbling in every computer app I could get my hands on, and helping out with maintenance projects around the house. I learned new skills with every experience, yet continued to search for opportunities to build things and quench my thirst for creativity.

Sophomore year of high school, I was introduced to engineering when I enrolled in a course boasting hands-on projects like a fettuccine bridge, eight-foot-tall wooden trebuchet, and an introduction to coding with Matlab. I eagerly enrolled and was presented with countless opportunities to problem solve and learn from the greatest teacher I have ever had to this day. This sparked my interest in coding — a Python course and many YouTube videos later I knew software engineering was for me.

My college search was pretty unique — I was highly recruited to play football by schools around the country. I was intrigued by prestigious institutions like Duke, Northwestern, and Harvard, but knew balance in football and engineering was important to me. After countless visits and conversations, I decided on one of the most storied programs in college football. With a proven track record of student-athlete excellence and a city with a fast-emerging tech scene, I knew Nebraska was the school for me. 🌽

I played 5 seasons for the Cornhuskers on the offensive line, and started every game at right guard during my last season in 2021. I had an incredible experience playing in front of the greatest fans in college football. Even more incredible was my academic experience at Nebraska. I earned a bachelors degree in Software Engineering and a masters degree in Engineering Management, while also balancing football and part-time dev jobs. The support I had to pursue both was incredible, and I am eternally grateful for the opportunities that I had.

Today, I'm building the future of marketing along with a killer team at Flamel.ai. I'm also on a mission to create the best beef jerky in the world, with my college teammate Cam Jurgens at Beef Jurgy. In my free time, I enjoy working out, traveling around the world, and finding new rabbit holes to continue my lifelong quest of learning and creating.

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    Senior Full Stack Developer
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    American Express
    Full Stack Software Engineer II
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    Full Stack Software Engineer
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    Level Five Solutions
    Junior UI Developer
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    Software Engineer Intern
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